Cedar Ridge Equestrian Center provides instruction for beginner to advanced students. There is no set age requirement for starting lessons as long as the child has basic communication skills and motor skills. However, our experience shows that children over 6 years of age are more equipped to keep interest in riding and horse care.

Riders are taught all aspects of horse care. At Cedar Ridge we don’t just ride horses, we learn to lead, groom, tack up, cool out your horse, tack cleaning, and how to care for your horse in a safe manner. Safety both on and off the horse is always emphasized.

Students at Cedar Ridge may take lessons on their own horse, (See Boarding), or on one of our school horses. We have exceptional school horses who have proven records in the field and in competition.

Instructional Areas

Basic Equation

  1. Balanced Seat

  2. Hands

  3. Control

  4. Transitions

  5. Basic Patterns


  1. Understanding the horse’s frame and collection

  2. Legs

  3. Use of aids and reins

  4. Balance


  1. Cross poles

  2. Verticals

  3. Oxers

  4. Combination fences


  1. Dressage

  2. Cross country jumping

  3. Stadium

Lessons are a half hour long. Students should arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the lesson to get and tack up their horse. Time to warm up  and practice is allowed before the lesson begins. The average time a student spends at Cedar Ridge for their lesson is 1.5 hours.

At Cedar Ridge Equestrian Center students have access to clinics taught by expert local and state instructors. Clinic schedules are posted at the barn and on this site. Rates for clinics will be posted as they are scheduled.

Private lessons are offered on request. Rates are determined by the instructor.

All students are required to wear an ASTM/SEI certified riding helmet, shoes with a heal and appropriate clothing. We have approved riding helmets available to borrow, however we strongly encourage each student to obtain their own riding helmet.

Cedar Ridge Equestrian Center --

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